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Are you tired of trying to get your story covered by the media to no avail? Robin8 is here to help. Using advance profiling technology and data analysis, Robin8 can help develop your story and pitch so it’s newsworthy and exciting and matched with the most relevant reporters and media outlets.

Using data science and profiling technology, we analyze millions of articles to see what’s trending and what people are talking about. We take social listening a step further to profile media outlets and reporters down to a science so there is no guesswork in targeting which reporters to get your story out. Using Natural Language Processing and data analysis, Robin8 can identify the most relevant media outlets, reporters and social channels to deliver your story, save time and target the right channels to quickly get your story out.

Combining data science with an advance CRM system, Robin8 can analyze which reporters will best cover your story and see which reporters are viewing your email and interested in your story as well as what content will garnish you the highest engagement. Whether you are a new tech company.

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